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  • "The CPA’s Guide to Life Insurance" is approved for six hours of continuing professional education for CPAs. Second edition. 

  • Quoted by over 50 NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX affiliates, including San Diego, Atlanta, Tampa, Amarillo, Savannah, West Palm Beach, Augusta, Waco, New Orleans, Honolulu, Hawaii. Feel free to request details and complete list. 

  • "Moneyline" on KMBZ (the ‘most listened to’ financial program in Kansas City). Other guests have included the presidents of the New York and American Stock Exchanges, Charles Schwab, the Commissioner of the IRS, Knight Kiplinger, Steve Forbes. 

  • Invited back and made a second appearance on Moneyline. 

  • Contributed to an in-depth front page article in the “WALL STREET JOURNAL." 

  • MD Preferred Services is the number one destination for doctors seeking professional services,
    with over 15,000 website visitors monthly.

  • Author of published articles. 

  • Mr. Slates’ expertise on various topics has led him to the podium as a speaker for companies (including publicly-traded companies), churches, retirement communities, banks, and associations. He has spoken to groups ranging in size from very small to over 500. 

  • Numerous awards have been given for his career accomplishments, including being listed in "Outstanding Young Men of America." 

  • Invited to testify on insurance before (Missouri) congressional committee. 

  • Long term member: National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
    (dropped membership after they became too political). 

  • Referenced and pictured in ‘Broker World’ (insurance industry trade journal). 

  • Feel free to request details of any accomplishments.

  • To better serves his clients, Mr. Slates founded Leonard Slates & Associates in 1985. Mr. Slates’ experience in the industry extends back to include time as a (non-independent) agent during part of the 1970’s.

  • Bachelors and masters degrees. While earning his B.A. in Business Administration, Mr. Slates served as vice president of the Missouri Gamma chapter of Alpha Chi (National Honor Society), and as academic committee chairman of the university’s Student Senate.

  • Many successful businesspeople have a second generation of their family follow them into the business. Mr. Slates has a unique honor in that his mother followed him into his business. She saw how Leonard was able to help many people with their insurance, and decided she would like to help her neighbors in the same way.

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